¡Amigos Live!

¡Amigos Live! was a special concert event featuring a full performance of the beautiful ¡Three Amigos! film score as a massive, rock-based adaptation.

gigposterThe show was conceived by Orion Czarnecki, a Pittsburgh-based musician & filmmaker, as part of his in-progress Amigo documentary — an independent film centered around his nationwide journey to revisit the passion and comedy behind the 1986 classic.

Held at Pittsburgh’s beautiful New Hazlett Theater on February 9 2013, the not-for-profit show was Orion’s tribute to the late Elmer Bernstein, and featured the opening act Miguel’s Mariachi Fiesta, as well as the renowned music of Latin-based Guaracha.

Orion’s 7-person ¡Amigos Live! band, formed for the event and featuring Czarnecki on drums and guitar, showcased an incredible night of music – as well as an opera singer and a rapper – playing for an audience of nearly 500 people from across the country, whom had been waiting over two decades for an outlet to celebrate the iconic film.

The show attracted the attention of nationally-syndicated radio station WDVE, as well as Pittsburgh’s top cable news channel WTAE, the Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper and others.

¡Amigos Live! was selected by the acclaimed Pittsburgh Magazine as one of the city’s “Top 10” events in February 2013.

After the show, Orion has resumed filming his independent documentary, an against-the-odds quest to meet his heroes and unite a fan community. The multi-year documentary will be filming throughout 2016 and 2017 as his national five-year quest to document the iconic film comes to completion.